WELCOME to Meet the Artist!  

This program complements what the art classes are teaching the children while introducing them to famous artists and building an appreciation of the arts as they grow. The presentations provided by the committee integrate facts about different techniques each artist uses followed by an art project that reinforces the style that was indicative of that artist. 



VOLUNTEER NOTE: If you would like to present an additional artist/project throughout the year please coordinate this directly with your teacher. This does not have to be in the form of a PPT, feel free to use a book, print out of art, etc.


1. Sign up as the Meet the Artist liaison for your child’s classroom. Send out a sign-up genius to gain an assistant or other volunteers to take a project month. Make sure at minimum the 4 quarterly presentations are completed with your class.


2.  Ensure you are in the school system as a volunteer. If not, click here to sign up.


3. Review the presentation for the correct quarter/grade below (make note if you need to bring in any of the supplies needed).


4. Contact your child’s teacher to confirm a date and time for your project. Most presentations/projects should take 45 mins. to an hour so be sure to plan accordingly and keep track of time in class.


5. A few days before your project date send the teacher an email confirming and send them the link to the presentation so they can have it pulled up when you arrive. You may need to bring in supplies to complete the craft -- ask the teacher to confirm what they have in class.


6. Have fun with this – get the kids excited about art, encourage discussion and ask volunteers to share their artwork with the class (this is sometimes the best part)!


Q1 Presentations:                         

K: Pablo Picasso

1st: Henri Rousseau

2nd: Jean-Michel Basquiat

3rd: Keith Haring

4th: Yayoi Kusama

5th: Edvard Munch


Q2 Presentations:

K: Paul Klee

1st: Romero Britto

2nd: Faith Ringgold

3rd: Georgia O'Keefe

4th: Marc Chagall

5th: Victor Vasarely


Q3 Presentations:

K: William Wegman

1st: Salvador Dali

2nd: Takashi Murakami

3rd: Dale Chihuly

4th: Jacob Lawrence

5th: Henri Matisse


Q4 Presentations:

K: Jackson Pollock

1st: Wassily Kandinsky

2nd: Andy Warhol

3rd: Roy Lichtenstein

4th: Frida Kahlo

5th: Claude Monet